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STR (Social Treatment Remedy) Foundation

STR Foundation’s aim is to integrated Human welfare. Our main concept is “Sheer love & affection is our motto.” STR Foundation is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, Non-Profitable, Non-Religious and humanitarian Organization established on 5th January 2005. It started development work for eco- friendly environment activities, very poor, disable people through Socio-economic Programs. STR Foundation is the joint effort of a few local self-devoted young men and women, social workers from various academic disciplines.

Our Objectives

The leading objective of STR Foundation is to ecological develop and enhance the existing socio-economic conditions of the targeted beneficiaries through utilization of their own resources and resources from abroad along with financial and technical assistance. The specific objectives are.

Helping each other can make world better

The purpose of STR Foundation is to assist the deprived and poverty driven communities through organizing and making them empowered in order to enhance and increase the community strength for mobilizing local and external resources by the community people themselves and to raise voice against any oppression and for establishing their rights in the society and social justice as well..

Our Vision

Carbon & disable free Bangladesh with integrity, equity, liberty, prosperity and rights for all & Empowered communities overcoming poverty through income generation.

Our Mission

To assist the poor community to be self-reliant and self-initiator by building their capacity, raising their awareness and empowered by raising their daily income with mobilizing local resources.

Our Goal

Assist environment, disable and the poor deprived and vulnerable community to promote sustainable development and institutions for improving socio-economic status for living with dignity.

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